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Why Teachers are starting to sell on TpT

Never say Never

Why are teachers starting to sell on Teachers pay Teachers (TpT)? You will never become rich in a teacher’s salary but it is still possible to become a millionaire.  I was always told by my fellow teachers and friends that I could never become a millionaire as a teacher.  But we are now living in 2020 and things have changed since the early 2000s.  There actually have been several teachers that have earned a million dollars.  This has opened the road to the impossible.  You should never say never.  Teachers are the most persistent when it comes to putting everything they got into a basket.

Forbes magazine

Kayse Morris is a teacher from Atlanta, Georgia.  She was one of the many teachers that began to sell her resources on Teachers pay Teachers.  She recently was featured on Forbes magazine for her earnings as a teacher. Kayse was one of the teachers that I watched on YouTube to find out about Teachers pay Teachers.  I signed up for an account back in 2012 but I never even thought about selling my resources until I watched one of her videos and was convinced that there was an open door for any teachers that had the same mindset.  Kayse is now an entrepreneur that sells her courses to teachers.  She earns over seven figures a year. But she is only one example of who achieved success.

The sky is the limit

It is possible that anyone can achieve almost anything if you put your mind and effort into working hard. The sky is the limit. Think about the people that have had success either in business or in sports.

Athletes such as Michael Jordan, Derek, or even Lebron James. They were all not born as superstars. Michael Jordan did not make it to his high school basketball team. Derek Jeter was not as successful as the CEO of the Miami Marlins until this year. He was great as a baseball player but he did start off as a successful CEO. He is beginning to see some results as of late. Lebron James didn’t win a championship until he left Cleveland to win a championship with Miami before learning how to win. He then returned to Cleveland and brought a championship to that city. Everyone did not start off successful from the beginning but if you have the growth mindset, anything can be achievable.

What is the secret?

Do you want to know the secret to success? Intrinsic motivation. Michael Jordan experienced failure but it wasn’t the failure that failed him. He learned how to recover from his failure and worked twice as hard to achieve his goal. Derek Jeter knew when he wanted to play for the New York Yankees growing up. It was his dream because the Yankees were his favorite team growing up. His parents supported him and told him that he could achieve anything if he worked hard at it. Lebron James also had the drive to win a Championship early in his career. He left Cleveland to play with Miami. He played for Pat Riley who had won many championships as a coach and Lebron learned how to win through him.

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