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Getting your business started

Are you deciding to start a new gig as a teacher entrepreneur? In 2019, Teachers pay Teachers was named one of the top 50 innovative companies in Fast Company magazine. According to the article, Fast Company, Teachers pay Teachers more than 70% of the teachers in the United States, Canada, and Australia used the service. This company provides lessons created by teachers for teachers. There are free lessons also provided on the site that you can download. Paul Edelman, a former public education teacher in New York City, founded this company in 2006. Teacherpreneurs can now earn from a couple of dollars to ten thousand dollars each month. It is one of the fastest and innovative sites where teachers can make some side income.

Enter the URL address to Teachers pay Teachers.

Click on the Join Us to register your information when you come across this screen.

You must choose whether you would like to join as a basic seller or premium seller.

You must make a decision if it’s worth taking the extra risk

There are no costs to joining as a basic seller. When you upload a product to sell on teacherspayteachers, you will get 60% of the cost of the product that you sell for. For example, if you have a product that sells for $10.00, you will earn $6 instead of $8.00. The only catch to joining as a premium seller is that you have to pay the premium membership of $59.95 annually to receive the higher payout rate. It is definitely worth the price of paying annually if you plan on being serious about creating and selling your lessons.

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