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How to use a Digital Escape Room for the Classroom

What is an Escape Room?

One of the latest Escape Rooms that can be found at my Teachers pay Teachers store is the Back To School Escape Room. You can find the digital and print versions bundled together at a discounted price of $12.00 or buy each of them separately for $8.00.

When you purchase the digital Back To School Escape Room, there are eight objects that students need to click on to find the hidden clues. This link will lead to a puzzle, that is also hyperlinked. When the students open the link, they will find a puzzle that they will need to solve. It is almost like being in the actual Escape Room with hidden objects. The timer will automatically begin when the students activate the Google Slides.

This is the feature in the Digital Back To School Escape Room.

How do you implement this in the classroom?

The best way to implement this activity in the classroom is to place students in groups of 2 or 3 a few days before you begin this activity. It is best that only 1 student has control of the digital device that they are using. When the students are ready to begin the challenge, they are also given a digital response form to enter the codes that they solve for each puzzle. The teacher needs to do two things after they set up the groups. They need to send the Back To School Escape Room Google Slide and the Digital Response Form (Google Form) to their students.

You will find step by step directions included in the teacher’s directions and answer keys found in the google drive.

  1. Open the slide to send to students.
  2. You will find the share button and “Copy link.”
  3. You can copy the link to the assignment page on Google classroom or any Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard or Schoology. Second, the teacher must find the Digital Response Form to send to students.
Found in Google Drive as part of the purchase.
  1. Find the Back To School Escape Room – digital locks.
  2. Open the file and then locate the “Send” button.
  3. You will then find the paper click icon. This icon is the hyperlink that you will send to your students. Click on “Shorten URL“, “Copy” and then send the link to your students.

After the students complete their mission, it is time to collect the responses from students. You click on the Response tab to see the results from your students. You can also export an Excel spreadsheet if you wish to analyze the data.

Implementing the classroom version of the Escape Room is an amazing experience. My students really enjoyed the challenge of the puzzles because it was an engaging activity. It requires patience, teamwork, speed, and problem-solving skills. Even though there were some students that were not able to accomplish the goal, it was the experience and the memories that they will have with their teammates and classmates.

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