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3 Advice for New Teachers

It is 2021 and it has been eighteen years since I walked into my first school to teach in 2002.  I can’t believe that I have made it this far into my teaching career after being told to reconsider my career path.  My internship advisor had questioned my passion to teach when I first began and I was wondering where are the positive thoughts and encouragement to begin my career.  Well, I have 3 pieces of advice that I would like to share with new teachers.

  1. Positive thoughts and knowing your why- Find a colleague, mentor, or teammate that will share only give you positive vibes.  It is important to find someone that can encourage you and you can also encourage.  Ever since I moved to Houston, Texas in 2015, I faced Hurricane Harvey, COVID-19, and now a winter storm blackout without water.  It could have been very discouraging going through the difficult times alone but without my encouraging colleagues, I would probably not have made it through.
  2. Leave your work at work – One of the pieces of advice that were given to me when I first started teaching was to leave your work at work.  I was encouraged not to bring homework with me during the weekends and complete any school work like grading and lesson planning at work.  This was one of the biggest adjustments I had to make in my teaching career because it was very tempting to work, especially since I didn’t have a family around me.
  3. Build relationships – After transferring to a different high school in the same district, I decided to transfer back after a 2 years.  The reason for this was that the relationships I built with my students was priceless.  I needed my students as much as my students needed my support.  

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